The Governors have adopted the Calderdale Council's policy on Charges and Remissions.

Copies are available on request.

  • Out of school visits during school hours - we don't charge but we invite you to make voluntary donations to cover costs. If we have insufficient donations to make the visit viable, we reserve the right to cancel the visit.
  • Out of school visits outside school hours - we make a charge to parents to cover costs.
  • Special events during school hours - we make no charge but invite voluntary donations.
  • Materials used in following extra Curricular activities - we do make a charge eg cooking.
  • Residential Visits - we will charge for board and lodgings, transport and activities.
  • After school clubs will incur a charge of £1 per session or £2.50 for specialist tuition.

You can download our:  Charging and Remissions Policy (85 KB)