Good discipline is essential for good learning. It is based on respect for other people and property. Children need the framework of a settled routine where they feel secure. Clear limits of acceptable behaviour have to be understood by the children. Children need constant encouragement, praise for doing the right thing and for showing positive attitudes.

As a school we try to create a positive behaviour environment where children are polite, honest, reliable, helpful and obedient. To reinforce this good behaviour, merit awards, certificates, team points and stickers are given. Sanctions are sometimes necessary. For persistent offences a child may lose a privilege.

To develop this positive behaviour environment the school will encourage its children to be: motivated, compassionate, self-confident, trustworthy, happy, enquiring, tolerant, creative, independent, collaborative and to have a sense of humour.

We aim to show through our behaviour that ’WE CARE’ both:






Work hard
Engage in activities

Contribute to lessons
Achieve targets
Raise standards
Enjoy learning


Pupils experiencing any kind of physical or verbal abuse whilst at school are asked to report it immediately to a member of staff so that appropriate action can be taken.

Parents play an important part in deferring bullying and any concerns need to be brought to the attention of the school quickly. Any case of alleged bullying is investigated immediately and all parties are informed and involved in resolving the problem.