In cases of minor accidents children are seen by a qualified First Aider.
In more serious cases parents will be contacted to come to school to collect their child. In an emergency an ambulance will be called and parents will be informed wherever possible.
It is recommended that all children's medicines are administered at home.
If children are ill please do not bring them into school as we do not have the resources to attend to sick children who should be at home.
Salterhebble follows the government produced guidelines for the safe management of medicines in school. If medication has to be administered during school hours a completed Parental Agreement Form (Form 3B - available from the school office) and the medication should be handed to the Headteacher. At the end of the school day the medication will only be handed back to a responsible adult.
Salterhebble School follows the advice given by the Calderdale and Kirklees Health Authority on common communicable disease in school children.

Change Of Address and Contact Numbers

Contact details need to be kept up-to-date in case of emergency.